Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Month Anniversary!!!

It's has officially been 1 month since I started the blog and we have a lots of visitors.

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful posts and comments on the video.

This blog only exist if you all keep helping me post your own videos, pics and stories. I know a lot of our readers are Asian males and White Females from across the globe. So please do submit content and keep this blog going.

Everyone loves reading and seeing success stories, it really inspires the community.

Subject: chopstickcharm

And now what you came here porn.


  1. Good workkkk l..keep on going..will find a white girl and shoot some video soonnnn..sharing is always the way how old are you???

  2. Bro are you in maine? which part? lol

  3. good job bro, saw ur link from

  4. You are my hero, please keep posting this kind of videos, if possible where your girl skin color can be seen better (white) after all this is amwf! good job!

  5. I promise you that my gf is white. I will try a different color saturation. My camera is not great, so its hard to get good coloring on the film.

    I'm glad you all enjoy and please so share your AMWF adventures.

  6. I am a big fan of you already, your gf is very hot and you know how to fuck her, I also have a white gf, im not asian though, and I have a white gf fetish, my gf looks like yours, but she doesnt let me tape her. thats why i enjoy your videos so much.

  7. Hey chopstickcharm, I've noticed in one of your comments, you said will post about how Asian guys can meet white girls. Is that post coming soon? Tell us your method bro!

  8. My next post will be about dating and how to find success.

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