Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We moved to a new and better place!

Hey guys,
 We moved to a new website, everything is still totally free and easy to access.

The new video is posted there as well.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Brother Bondage

From the post, you can see that AMWF amateur bondage is rare. My lady and I enjoy it, but I rarely see amateur videos with BDSM. Perhaps they exist, but only in private collections. Perhaps I need to do a deep peep search, look for videos in the hidden internet.

In the mean time, we must satisfy our bondage and AMWF with some great pics. The first set is from another asian who enjoys dominate his pet.

The second set is just some hot doggy style from a fellow reader, we can never get enough of that. Thanks again team and please keep sending the content to me.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Here is a teaser for the video coming soon.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blast from the past

We reach again back into the past to find some old school porn. You can tell from the camera and fashion that this was back in the day. The people are models, but that is why we are here. If we wanted high quality porn, I'm sure we just look up Kenni Style or Hung Lo.

This ladies reminds me of some school teacher or regular suburban wife. On that note, I believe this is again a cuckold situation. The husband enjoys watching his wife get seduced and receive a cream pie.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pioneers in Porn

We have some pioneers in AMWF porn.This looks like its from the 1980's, but I could be wrong. I think this is amateur, but it does have some professional quality.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

AZN Lovers

To finish off today's post, we have a couple videos from a ripped Asian. He has tattoos and clearly works out.

The angles are kinda goofy, but that is the beauty of amateur video.


Tips on meeting a white girl

I get a lot of emails about meeting a white girl as an Asian man. I've collected all the reader's comments, suggestions and my own experience.

Let's start with general good dating tips for Asian men. I'm writing from a man's view, so it may not be balanced. However, I would love to hear from the ladies!!

1. Confidence: All woman want a confident man in their life. It is attractive to have a person who can take charge, solve problems and stand up for them. If you are shy, try to improve this with exercise, social events, etc. Some women like really quite and nerdy Asians, but generally most women will like a man that knows what he wants. Try the group Toastmasters, they can help people get self confidence and improve public speaking.

2. Be established: It helps if you have a job, car and your own place to live. The basic nature in finding any partner is to find someone who can provide. This maybe hard for the young readers in school or just starting their independent life. It will get better, so just stick with it.

3. Age Difference: In my experience, it's best to have the lady at least a few years younger than the man. This allows the man to be more mature and have more life experience. Being an older man may also mean you have more skills in bed. Dating is hard already, so being a newbie in life can make it harder.

4. Be happy: Nobody likes dating a stick in the mud. If you think happy, good things will happen to you. Don't take yourself too seriously and be open to being silly. Life is short, so look for that smile in life and share it openly.

5. Sense of Adventure: People want a partner in crime, so be open to embracing something new and leaving your comfort zone. Sometimes you will learn most about yourself when you fail. Being open to a new adventure displays to your partner that you have a bright future ahead.

6. Embrace Failure: Part of growing up is failing and learning from experience. Everyone gets their heart broken, rejected, used and abused in their dating life. Don't be afraid of this and appreciate this happens when you are young. Going on bad dates is a right of passage and makes for good life stories. The sweetness in life only taste good when you have tried the bitterness.

7. Stereotypes: This advice is the hardest to execute. Some ladies like classic Asian men, quite, timid, and intellectual. Then some gals like AZN, these are flashy dressers, slick hair and a hint of bad boy. AZN may also have sweet rice rockets. Finally, some girls like Westernized Asian like myself. You will have to experiment to see what works for your lady.

Now we talked about yourself, lets discuss how to find a potential white girl as an Asian male. Again, I encourage the ladies to add comments.

1. International Travel: If she has travelled to Asia, there is a good chance she has some Asian fever. Anytime you go to a new country, you have to be curious about the men there. Look for ladies who been to China, South Korea, and Japan. Those countries like western folk, so they provide a better experience to the females there.

2. Asian Language: If she can speak any Asian language, you success rate is higher. It's like one step closer to traveling. Again, we want to seek out Chinese, Korean and Japanese as key languages.

3. Foodie: She may not know the language or travel, but if she has a diverse palette, she will embrace your Asian culture more willingly. If she never dated Asian, start slow with the cuisine. I'm Chinese and we eat some wacky stuff. Introducing new cuisine gradually without scaring her away.

4. Cosplay: If the girl enjoys cosplay, that is also a huge sign she likes Asian guys. Most of the popular characters are based on Japanese and Chinese culture. When she researches her costume, she will often be forced to learn about Asian culture.

5. Open mind: Simply meeting a lady with an open mind is most important. She may not travel, doesn't know the language or try the food yet. But she has a good sense of adventure and is genuinely excited about trying new things. If you can find a great girl like this, you are a lucky man. I happen to meet a girl like this, and I consider myself fortunate.

In this section we want to talk about good places to meet white girls who already have some hint of Asian fever.

1. Cosplay and comic book convention: This goes back to the above, lots of Asian pop culture at conventions. Read up on all the Japanese cartoons before attending. These gals like very authentic Chinese and Japanese, fresh off the boat.

2. Asian supermarkets: She likes the food and knows the culture, next stop Asian penis town!! Ask her which fish sauce she likes. These girls may fall into the hippy category, they want organic and true authentic Asian spices.

3. Rice Rocket Conventions: These girls like AZN, which also you need to be at least tone and healthy. They like bad boys with muscle and tattoos can help. Don't forget, you need to have a sweet ride and lift weights. These girls can be expensive though.

4. House Parties/Clubs/Friends: I often find myself to be the token Asian at a lot of parties. Maybe its because most of my friends are white. This can be an advantage because you now stand out among the crowd.

In this last section, we review online dating. Most of us probably have full time jobs, so meeting white girls can be exhausting.

1. OKCupid: This is the best because its free and girls are down to earth. Search for ladies who speak Asian languages. Many of my readers have success story here. The girls seem more friendly on this site. Many of the readers met white girls here and that sounds like the best results.

2. Craigslist: We all know Craigslist can be a gamble, but that is the point. This is a good place because the girls are down to earth and willing to roll the dice on something outside the comfort zone. Search for the word: Asian, you will find ladies specifically looking for Asian men.

3. Plenty of Fish: This can also be good because its free. There use to be a way to search by language, I'm not sure you can do this anymore. But my readers said ther had good luck here.

4. Lots of white girls but most of them are snooty. I cannot recommend this one, however make sure the girl you go after likes Asian guys. Their profile notifies what races they like, don't bark up the wrong tree.

If you have some additional tips or want to share you experience, we would love to hear them. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Month Anniversary!!!

It's has officially been 1 month since I started the blog and we have a lots of visitors.

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful posts and comments on the video.

This blog only exist if you all keep helping me post your own videos, pics and stories. I know a lot of our readers are Asian males and White Females from across the globe. So please do submit content and keep this blog going.

Everyone loves reading and seeing success stories, it really inspires the community.

Subject: chopstickcharm

And now what you came here porn.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Animated Action

We have two different set of pictures today. The first set is from a lucky Asian guy with a fun loving lady friend. But instead of being static, he submitted animated gifs. A very clever and popular way to share short porn videos. We can't see the faces this time, but I've verified this is an Asian Male, White Female. 

The second part of the post come from a wonderful gal who has a great Asian man in her life. This is probably our classiest picture so far. This is almost G-Rated for the blog. I hope we aren't getting too fancy!?!

A major part of this blog success is audience submissions. So please keep sending them to me:

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