Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Animated Action

We have two different set of pictures today. The first set is from a lucky Asian guy with a fun loving lady friend. But instead of being static, he submitted animated gifs. A very clever and popular way to share short porn videos. We can't see the faces this time, but I've verified this is an Asian Male, White Female. 

The second part of the post come from a wonderful gal who has a great Asian man in her life. This is probably our classiest picture so far. This is almost G-Rated for the blog. I hope we aren't getting too fancy!?!

A major part of this blog success is audience submissions. So please keep sending them to me:

email: orwei@hotmail.com
Subject: Chopstickcharm


  1. Wow! The second one just perfect! Both of them nice!
    And she has soooo nice breast)))
    They should do a video))

  2. Amazing couples and beautiful set of shots for the second couple.

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  5. i loved to watch this video...
    what does her name plz