Monday, April 15, 2013

Brother Bondage

From the post, you can see that AMWF amateur bondage is rare. My lady and I enjoy it, but I rarely see amateur videos with BDSM. Perhaps they exist, but only in private collections. Perhaps I need to do a deep peep search, look for videos in the hidden internet.

In the mean time, we must satisfy our bondage and AMWF with some great pics. The first set is from another asian who enjoys dominate his pet.

The second set is just some hot doggy style from a fellow reader, we can never get enough of that. Thanks again team and please keep sending the content to me.

subject: chopstickcharm


  1. Wow! The second one should make a video))))))))) it's great!!!

  2. She's pretty cute, good job, found yer link while trying to look for amwf porn myself lol, keep pushin it brotha