Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why I blog

It seems we are getting some decent traffic, so I figure I should add an introduction about myself and why this blog exist. 

I am a second generation Chinese from a small town in the USA. My parents speak fluent Cantonese and fluent English. Because of my bilingual upbringing, my philosophy in life is both East and West. I love following typical Asian traditions like Chinese New Year, Moon Cake Festival and I LOVE weekend Dim Sum. Despite the fact that I grew up in a traditional Chinese household, I proudly embrace diversity. Some of the Asian folk look down upon dating "outside" the race. But I'm not traditional :)

While growing up and enjoy the dating world, I dated many different races before: Black, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Spanish, Mix, etc. I believe all race of woman are beautiful and amazing. But as I matured, I realized that I often connected the best with Western/Caucasian woman. I would like to add that my home town had a small Asian population, so the dating population for my people wasn't huge. I was born in the USA, raised in the USA, and educated in the USA. It only seems natural that I have an affinity for white American woman. Now that I live in a more diverse city filled with open minded people, I proudly embrace different cultures.

As a red blooded man, we all enjoy porn from time to time. It inspires us and gives food for thought. While browsing the endless pit of porn, I saw a lack of Asian Male, White Female porn. Most of the videos are professional and I have a hard time relating to them. The actors are fake and they have model bodies. When I watch amateur porn, I feel a connection and it gives me hope. There are a couple key players, but very few Asian Male, White Female Amateur porn.  Even more, I also enjoy variety like all couples.

Now let's add the BSDM flavor to the story. Like any other person, I enjoy variety. Vanilla sexy time is awesome and it's huge factor in the bedroom. It can offer a great level of needed intimacy. But sometimes we like to change the adventure and try something outside our safe zone. In my years of browsing, I've only stumbled upon a handful of videos with Asian Male, White Female and even less with BDSM flavor.

I have been lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman who enjoys my similar tastes and lets me indulge in my fantasies. So babe, I totally thank you!

There are many intentions to this blog:
1. Inspire others to embrace diversity and give hope that other Asian men should pursue what they truly desire. 
2. Break the stereotype of Asian men being delicate, quiet and submissive. There are many Asian who are dominate, outspoken and adventurous.
3. I want others to know that Asian men enjoy kink and love exploring.
4. Improve the quantity and quality of Asian Male, White Female porn.

Please comment with your own experience or your opinions. I would love to hear them.