Monday, March 11, 2013

Audience Participation

I like to thank everyone for the wonderful comments on the blog. I know there are some really awesome people viewing the pics and videos.

I encourage you all to submit your own stories and pics. If you are shy, start with faceless body shots and then progress forward.

If you like to participate, please email me at

Add the Subject: Chopstick Charm



  1. Hi !

    I am from Germany. I only found your website today. It is interesting for me, as my German girlfriend now wife had sex with a thai guy during our holidays in thailand in 2007. This traumatizised me up today, and I since then want to find out to how many white guys something similar happened. I hope you are interested in my subject (see my yahoo group). Over the years I have developed a very strong inferiority complex towards asian males, because one managed to take my girl from me so easily and seeded her while laughing into my face!
    Rainer H.