Friday, March 29, 2013

From Russia with Love

I've been reading a lot of forums about AMWF relationships and I realized that many Russian ladies enjoy Asian guys. I guess this makes sense given the fact Russia and China are right next to each other. It must be similar to USA and Canada.

This video is not in English, but its still some hot Asian Male and White Female passion.


  1. I am russian guy and I am bisex) And my BF is chinese haha) and we think yor blog really great=))

    But! I should say that in Russia actually russian womens don't like chinese and other asian mens.
    this is sad, cuz I think it doesn't matter what skin color of your partner...and actually it's very hot coctail of asian and white people ;)

  2. It's great to see readers from all over the world!

    Congrats on the Chinese BF, I'm glad you found someone that makes you happy!

    How long have you guys been together?

  3. Well, already 2 years together)) and still really hot, passionate and the same time he the first men with whom I can sleep with hugs hahahah))

    p.s. Excuse me, my english not good

  4. If you have any amateur Asian Male, White Female...please do share. We love to see more home videos.

    subject: chopstickcharm

  5. Ok, I'll check some)

  6. Does it have to be videos? or can it be pictures also?

  7. Pics or vids is fine. As long as its Asian male and white female.